We locate your underground sewer, water and gas pipes or other utility services quickly and accurately.

When excavation is necessary, it can be a big job. BUT we take care of everything, from getting the right permits, to inspection, to returning your yard to a level, finished grade. We can even apply grass seed and straw. We want your yard, patio, or sidewalk to return to use, with no burden on you, ever.

Are you experiencing these problems?

Water leak causing high water bill with no easy source of leak in home
Notice a new wet spot in your yard and it’s still there when it hasn’t rained in days
Hissing noises or hear water running but not visible inside home
Smell rotten eggs around the outside of the home
House has sat empty for a long period of time

Having a big problem with your sewer line is headache enough. That’s why we handle working with county, city or village inspections and permitting so you don’t have to give it a moment’s thought. Especially for sewage projects, on-site inspections and site visits are handled by us throughout the work.

If we have to dig:

  • Landscaping, sidewalks, hardscaping (patios, brick sidewalks, retaining walls, stone) will be removed and replaced back as it was or better if it was never a level grade in the first place
  • Landscaping will be replanted or removed if unwanted in the first place. (We’ll cart off those old rose bushes you never liked anyway)
  • If we install a new sewage line from your home to the utility hookup at the street, we honor a lifetime guarantee of that work.
  • Tree roots/removal. If the tree has sentimental value for you we will reroute the pipe to accommodate the tree. You have the option to take the tree down yourself or we work with a tree contractor.


A tree that has been cut down to the stump can still cause problems to your lines? Its roots will continue to grow for seven years, potentially causing problems long after you forget about having a tree in the yard.