6 Common Ways Your Pipes Can Get Damaged

When it comes to plumbing, various situations and plumbing problems can create a homeowners nightmare. One of the worst problems that you can encounter is damage to your pipes. How exactly does pipe damage happen, and how can it be avoided? Find out six common ways your pipes can get damaged below:

1. Clogs and Blockages

Blockages are one of the most common ways that pipes bust or incur damage. When you have a significant blockage or multiple blockages throughout your drainage system, it’s going to lead to pipe damage if left untreated. That is why it is so essential to address clogs and blockages before they become a larger problem. Regular drain cleaning will help you avoid pipe repair down the road.

2. Tree Root Invasion

We know you love your landscape, but tree roots can be a real nuisance when it comes to pipes. Deep roots in the ground often find their way into your pipes, leading to leaks and water backing up. When this happens, a plumbing service can use drain cleaning or a snake to remove the invasive roots and get your plumbing back in order.

3. Freezing Temperatures

Severely cold weather is a major culprit for pipe damage and often leads to pipe repair services. That is because freezing temperatures can cause the water within your pipes to turn to ice, which expands and busts the pipes. To avoid this, you can work with a plumbing service to prep your pipes for harsh winter weather.

4. Poor Maintenance

If you want to keep your pipes healthy and avoid pipe repair in the future, you’ll need to keep your system well-maintained. That means addressing problems as soon as they occur. Call a plumbing service right away if you notice foul odors coming from the sink or a toilet that keeps getting clogged. These minor issues will lead to much larger problems for your pipes down the line when left unresolved.

5. Old Pipes

Sometimes pipe damage simply comes down to the age of the pipes. When your home is older, and the system has aged significantly, it’s much easier to compromise its integrity. Worn-out steel pipes are very susceptible to corrosion from the acidity in drinking water. This corrosion can ultimately cause them to burst.

6. Harsh Chemical Use

Do you frequently clear clogs with harsh drain cleaners? While these may be all right for occasional use, they can really do a number on your pipes. Harsh chemicals can corrode the pipes, reducing their integrity and making them more likely to burst.

Instead of using these harsh commercial products, opt for professional drain cleaning, where an expert will clear your drains with a snake or hydro-jetting.

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