AC Replacement in Madison, OH

As the temperature climbs outdoors, people often head inside to get relief from the heat. They won’t get this relief when the AC in the home isn’t working. Call Hearn Plumbing, Heating & Air in Madison, OH, for help.

Don’t suffer through another sweltering day without properly functioning air conditioning. Contact Hearn Plumbing, Heating & Air today at 440-428-3905 to schedule an assessment for an AC replacement in Madison, OH. With our expertise and commitment to quality service, we’ll ensure your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long!

How Long Should An AC Last? 

Many things reduce the lifespan of an AC unit. This includes not carrying out regular maintenance and blocking the outdoor unit with plants or shrubs. Failing to do these things and more increases the likelihood of needing an AC replacement.

Call us if you need an HVAC replacement. We will send someone out to assess the situation quickly and make a recommendation on an AC replacement, as we recognize an AC unit replacement cannot wait when it is hot outside. 

Signs You Need an AC Replacement

Certain signs suggest you need an AC replacement. When your unit doesn’t provide cold air, it is time to call the best air conditioning replacement company for help.

Refrigerant Leak

The lack of cold air may be a sign you have a refrigerant leak, which needs to be addressed promptly. This refrigerant is toxic. Not only is it fatal if you inhale it, but it also depletes the earth’s ozone layer. It may be time to replace the AC.

A gassy smell also suggests you need an HVAC replacement in Madison, OH, right away. Turn the unit off and make the call. We have someone to answer the phone and schedule a service visit. 

Moisture Buildup

Moisture buildup on or in the unit is another cause for concern. Let us know right away. We’ll send a technician out to diagnose the problem.

We may find you need an AC condenser replacement or an AC compressor replacement. However, if these repairs don’t resolve the issue, we’ll discuss your AC unit replacement options.

A Unit That is the Wrong Size

When the AC unit is too large for the home, you may need a home AC repair more often than you would like. When you call us for a repair, we ensure the unit is the right size for the home, so excessive humidity is never an issue. We also look at the size of the unit when we are called for a commercial AC repair.

However, if the unit is too small, you might assume there is a problem with the air conditioner. If we find the unit is not properly sized for the home during an air conditioner repair service, we make recommendations for an AC installation project. Again, we do the same when we receive a call for a commercial AC repair. 

AC Replacement Cost

You may worry about the AC replacement cost. We understand this. We make repairs when possible. However, if you have an older unit and need something like an AC compressor replacement or an AC condenser replacement, it may make more sense to replace the unit. We discuss the AC replacement cost with you to help you make the right decision regarding repair or replacement. 

Why Choose Us for Your AC Replacement?

You have choices for who will handle your AC repair. Why should you choose us for this task? We are the oldest AC repair and replacement business in Madison. However, our clients consider us the best AC replacement company because they always know we put their needs before our own. We will do the same for you.

Ready to take the next step towards a cooler and more comfortable home? Call Hearn Plumbing, Heating & Air experts at 440-428-3905 to schedule your AC replacement in Madison, OH, today. With our unparalleled experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to keep your home comfortable and cool for years to come!