Drain Cleaning

You may not want to see what’s down there, but we live for this stuff. It might be roots in your lines or “flushable wipes” coming back to haunt you. We use video camera inspections to assist with pinpointing the problems we can’t easily see. You’ll get options for how to proceed –whether it’s a temporary fix, an ongoing maintenance solution, or a long-term, more involved repair.

Are you experiencing these problems?

A different drain fills up when sink or bathtub is used
Backed up sink, bathtub or toilet
Bad installation of plumbing or shifts in the home or ground has caused poor pitch of the lines
Drains are slow or not draining at all
Grease, oil, soap scum buildup
Hearing a gurgling or gulping noise from your sinks, toilets or drains
Seeing a wet spot on the floor, wet carpet, or notice a repeating wet spot when you flush the toilet or use the shower or sink
Sewage backing up in home or basement
Sewage smells in the home or basement

Your drain pipes are concealed in your home’s walls, floors, or in the earth around your home or basement. We have the technology to inspect these hidden pipes and show you, like x-ray vision, what they look like from the inside. We also have inspection equipment to locate your pipes and utility services quickly and accurately.

Get peace of mind:
Yearly maintenance package with club membership, 12-month clog-free guarantee.

We carry BioOne®, an organic alternative to chemical drain cleaners that can harm your pipes, your septic, community water quality/watershed. Liquid BioOne® is a 100% natural drain line, septic and grease trap maintainer. BioOne® “eats” food waste, organic matter and cleans the “cholesterol” out of your home’s pipes. It also adds to longevity of your system. An easy monthly treatment prevents clogs and is safer for people, pets, and septic systems.