Signs Your Sewer Line Is Clogged

The main sewer line is the link to every drain in your home. Some say it’s the most crucial plumbing fixture. Lack of care leads to your main sewer line being clogged with debris or eventually breaking down entirely. When this happens, it can lead to the development of slow-moving drains in other parts of your house. 

When the main sewer line is clogged up, waste has nowhere to go. This means that eventually, the sewage will collect in your pipes, creating a terrible odor and possibly seeping out of the drains.  

Why Is My Sewer Line Clogged? 

Finding out why your main sewer line keeps clogging and knowing the warning signs will help you avoid needing costly repairs. 

Extensive Pipe Damage 

Shifting soil, along with heavy foot traffic or construction vehicles above ground, can cause damage to your main sewer pipe. Corroded sewer pipes can also create a leaky pipe or lead to a collapse.  

Slumping Sewer Line 

When a section of a pipe sinks, it will begin to slump or sag and collect waste. Eventually, there may be enough debris to create a blockage.

Tree Roots 

Sometimes a pipe can be blocked with roots from a growing tree. They may attach to the main sewer pipe as they search for water and eventually grow inside the line. As the root grows, it can expand, causing the pipe to break. 

Flushing Inappropriate Items

Your toilet can become clogged with toilet paper or other unwanted items, including baby wipes or children’s toys. Know what you can and cannot flush down a toilet. 


A primary culprit for clogged sewer lines is oil. When you cook with grease and dump it down the drain, it eventually solidifies and causes the line to be blocked. 

Main Sewer Line Clog Symptoms

If you’ve experienced any blocked drains, you know how bad it can be. Imagine your main sewer line clogged! Identifying the issue can be the solution you need to prevent it from occurring. 

Numerous Backed-Up Drains 

When multiple drains experience backup issues, it’s a clear sign of a problem with the main sewer line. 

Recurring Clogs 

If you’ve treated a drain before, but the issue continues to return, it’s likely a problem with the main sewer line. This is the time to call in a professional.  

Strange Smells or Sounds 

If you hear a gurgling or bubbling sound or smell the odor of sewage coming from your drain, your main sewer line needs some attention. 

Noticeable Changes to Your Lawn

The main sewer line extends through your lawn, so any changes to the appearance of the grass could indicate the pipe is clogged or broken. 

Professional Sewer Line Cleaner Services

The best way to address a clogged sewer line is to hire a professional. They can answer any questions about how to unclog main sewer line without a cleanout or how to unclog a sewer line with chemicals. 

If you suspect your sewer may have a clog, contact Hearn Plumbing Heating & Air. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment and take care of your sewer lines.