Tankless vs. Traditional Tank Water Heaters: How to Decide

We all depend on a quick and reliable source of hot water to keep our families clean and healthy, but when it’s time to choose a new water heater, we might not know what the best option is for our home and family size. Tankless or traditional? 

We can answer that question and help you understand the benefits and disadvantages of both tankless water heaters and standard water heaters.

Which Is Better: Tankless or Traditional Water Heater?

There are a number of similarities and differences between the two devices. Let’s see how they compare.

Tankless vs. Traditional Water Heater Cost

Tankless water heaters cost a bit more to purchase and install, whereas traditional water heaters cost less upfront. This is because tankless water heaters may require multiple units and add-ons, such as water softeners, to help protect the machine from mineral build up and damage. Some may see this as a disadvantage of tankless water heaters.

However, long-term, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient, so they have the potential to save you money. This is one of the best benefits of tankless water heaters.

Tankless vs. Regular Water Heater Output

Electric tankless water heaters are more efficient than other devices since they are able to produce more hot water in a given time than tank-based heaters. If you have a large family, then a tankless water heater can be the best choice for you. Otherwise, the last person to shower will likely have cold water!

Tankless water heaters heat water from an external source on demand, vs. a regular gas water heater, which heats an entire tank at a time. When the water in the tank runs out, that means the hot water is gone.

Tankless vs. Regular Gas Water Heater Safety

Gas and electric water heaters have been around for decades, and if you have an older home, you probably have one of the two. However, these types of tanks can pose safety and damage risks, such as:

  • Leaks, which can cause costly and potentially dangerous water damage
  • Valve clogging (with minerals and sediments), which can cause the tank to explode if left unchecked
  • Skin burning if the temperature is set too high

Tank-style heaters are also more likely to rust and break down over time, which means harmful chemicals can leak into your water supply and affect your family. Is a tankless water heater worth the cost? Well, in terms of safety and long-term ROI, the answer is yes.

Let Us Help!

We hope we helped answer your question, “what is better, tankless or standard water heater?” and offered helpful analysis on each device’s cost, efficiency, output, and safety. Are you looking to install one of these systems? We can help you with that, too!

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