5 Reasons to Use an At-Home Water Filtration System

Most people have heard about the benefits of water filtration systems, yet many of us continue to ignore the information. It’s easier to trust the municipal water companies to provide the clean water we need. 

Unfortunately, the water coming through our pipes may not be as clean and pure as we may think. 

Although tap water goes through an extensive treatment process, some of the chemicals used as disinfectants can be harmful. 

Chlorine is one of those chemicals. Studies show that high chlorine levels can cause bladder and rectal cancer and may contribute to coronary disease. 

Other chemicals found in our water that can cause health issues include:

  • Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, or mercury
  • Pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, antidepressants, or birth control pills
  • Aluminum Sulphate, which is used as a purifier 
  • Calcium Hydroxide, which filters small particles
  • Fluoride, a potential neurotoxin that prevents tooth decay

This is only a partial list of the dangerous chemicals that may be in your home’s tap water.

Installing a water filtration system is one way to ensure that your family’s drinking water is free from these contaminants.

5 Water Filtration Benefits for Your Family

If you’re concerned about the various chemicals and bacteria in your water, consider a water filter for your house. You’ll be surprised at the many benefits. 

What does a water filter do? Here are five examples:

1. Makes Drinking Water Safer

Filtered water ensures that your family can enjoy safe, healthy water for all their needs. An at-home water filtration system removes dangerous chemicals and toxins. Surprisingly, filtered water is far safer than bottled water.

2. Improves the Water’s Taste

Why filter water? Because removing chemicals such as lead and chlorine will improve not only your water purity but also its taste and smell. A filter will also balance the pH level of your drinking water which controls whether your water is hard or soft. 

3. Reduces Plumbing Repairs

New water filtration systems can help reduce plumbing repairs by removing the heavy metals, chemicals, and minerals that damage plumbing systems. These chemicals also damage appliances that use water regularly.

4. Saves Money

If you buy a lot of bottled water, this is one water filtration benefit you’ll appreciate. Rather than buying filtered water, use your own filtered water. Depending on how much water you buy, you could save a few hundred dollars each year. You’ll also be helping the environment by reducing plastic waste.

5. Reduces Health Issues 

Millions of children and adults suffer from eczema and other skin conditions caused by chemicals in the water. A filter removes those chemicals and also removes dangerous parasites that can cause gastrointestinal diseases. 

Hearn Has the Right Water Filter for Your House

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