5 Ways a Smart AC Will Save You Money Every Month

As the summer months blaze away, perhaps your AC unit hasn’t been performing as well as you’d like, and you are considering a new AC installation. If so, consider a smart AC installation. Why? These systems are not only supremely convenient, but you’ll also notice savings on your monthly energy bills.

What Is a Smart AC?

Smart ACs are AC units that connect to WiFi and internet technology in your home. With a smart AC, you can also program and set room temperatures remotely from your mobile phone or home assistant device. Smart ACs are typically mounted to windows or walls instead of being centrally located like a standard AC unit.

A smart AC is not the same as a smart thermostat. The latter is standard with central air systems and controls the central air. Smart ACs are actual units that come in small sizes designed for individual rooms.

Saving Money

Once the AC installation is complete, smart AC units can help you save money in several ways.

Targeted Cooling

Because a smart AC installation entails a separate unit in each room, you can set each room at an individual temperature. If units run less in spaces that don’t need as much cooling, it saves money. For example, rooms with more sunlight might need more cooling, whereas rooms with less won’t need as much cooling.

Less Energy Consumption

The smaller, smart AC units use less energy than standard ACs. Using less energy means you will have fewer energy costs every month.

Air Filter Monitor

When you first complete your smart AC installation, your filters will be new, of course. Over time, however, they will become dirty and need replacing. If your AC lets you know when it needs a clean filter, you can attend to it immediately. Smart ACs can do that! A dirty filter not only releases allergens and dirt in the air, but it can also degrade your AC’s performance.

If your AC is working harder to cool the air despite a dirty filter, that means it’s running more often. Not only will a constantly running unit wear out sooner, but by working harder, it uses more energy and costs more money. Keeping the filter clean can save on operating costs and extend the unit’s longevity.

Geofencing Shut-Off

Your smart AC controller senses your location. When you leave home, it will turn off. When you return, it will turn on again. Remember, if your system isn’t running, it isn’t wasting energy or money.

Comfy Mode

Smart ACs can automate a room’s temperature while saving energy. For example, you can program a space’s temperature to stay between 70 and 72 degrees. If the room temperature goes below 70, your unit will switch to fan mode to keep the temperature level. Once the temperature rises above 72, the AC will switch back on to keep the room cool. Fan mode uses less energy, which can help you to save money.

Long-term Savings

Though the smart AC installation may cost upfront, the smaller units give you more control over individual rooms. Plus, there are several ways they can result in energy savings monthly and over time.